Project 2

Beneficiary: H.Cegielski – FPS spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Contract number: PBS3 / B6 / 26/2015

Project title: A light, two-unit bus with a dual drive unit, for transport in regional traffic. Description of the project: The subject of the project is to carry out industrial research and development works aimed at developing a modern, optimized in terms of mass and utilization of installed traction power, two-phase, diesel-electric traction unit (SEZT), meeting the requirements of the TSI and intended for regional traffic on the 1435mm track . The goal is to build a new vehicle with the features specified below, which allows operation on both electrified lines and lines without traction network.

Planned effects of the project:

a) modular, two-unit structure – 2 front members with control cabins, each of the members equipped with 2 two-axle bogies (lowering the pressure on the track and optimizing the mass distribution),
b) each of the members has 1 trolley with asynchronous engines,
c) max. operating speed – 160km / h,
d) one of the front members will be equipped with 2 power generators with internal combustion engines meeting the emission standards – level IIIB. Power for powered trucks – alternative: from power generators or pantographs from the traction network,
e) second springing – pneumatic,
(f) the structure of the boxes meeting: EN 12663 and EN 15227,
g) equipment in places, toilets and devices enabling entry-exit for persons with limited mobility – according to TSI-PRM,
h) interior layout without a compartment – 2nd class,
i) air conditioning of the train depot and air conditioning of driver’s cabs,
j) the possibility of multiple driving,
k) compliance with EN 45545,
l) equipping the vehicle with passenger information system, systems: GPS, WiFi, monitoring system, warning about the fire and on-board diagnostics with wireless data exchange (improvement
m) adaptation to cooperation with the ERTMS-2 system (improvement of security).

Value of the project: PLN 27,636,385.05
Co-financing from European Union funds: PLN 12.727.486.84